2017 UK Coins

I’ve ordered my set of 2017 coins from the Royal Mint, I will definitely be trying to collect from circulation too as I think that the history behind circulating coins is valuable too. It is to me at least and that really has to be the focus of the amateur numismatist as I see it as an informative and fascinating hobby – most certainly not as an investment.

That said, its nice to have an uncirculated set too as the beauty of some coins can be quickly eroded particularly now that the lower denominations are struck in steel and plated in nickel. This seems to rub off very quickly and leaves a rather unattractive coin in my opinion. If you are buying a set, make sure you order the one you want carefully as there are so many options to choose from each year now! The complete set costs £55 or about a pound a week over 2017 which is worth it to me!

The Isaac Newton 50p coin looks to me as if it will show wear on its delicate design very quickly. My first impression of the King Canute crown-sized £5 coin is that it will be quite striking (excuse the holiday pun) and of course is not going to be found in circulation. It’s the turn of the airforce to be commemorated in the £2 coin this year having had the army and navy in preceding years. Of course, the biggest revolution in our coin design since at least 1998 when the bimetallic £2 coin was released, is the introduction of the new 12 sided £1 coin which has been introduced to outfox the counterfeiters of the current pound coins who have become increasingly sophisticated over the last decade or so. Don’t forget though that the £2 coin itself is changing its standard reverse design too – the familiar design I posted about recently is no more and has been replaced with the new Britannia design which I must say I prefer and I agree it is about time that Britannia was re-installed on our coins after the Matthew Dent design pushed it off the 50p reverse the best part of a decade ago now.

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