Return Britannia!

After several years absence, Britannia has returned to circulating UK coinage.

The redesign of the 1p-£1 coins by Matthew Dent left Britain’s coinage without that staple of UK coinage and symbol of the nation, Britannia. Until 2008, she featured of course on the reverse of the 50p coin and has now been promoted to the £2 coin!

Reverse of the 2017 £2 coin featuring Britannia
Reverse of the new £2 coin

I think she looks more youthful in this depiction by Antony Dufort than in her previous incarnation from Christopher Ironside and features only the top part of her body and her head compared to the whole figure on the old 50p coin. The actual specifications of the coin’s metals, dimensions (28.4mm diameter) and weight (12g) remain unchanged from 2015 despite the change of both obverse and reverse designs.

I think this coin adds to the scope for the amateur collector since £2 and 50p coins are probably the most commonly collected contemporary coins in the UK and the older £2 design written about here has become a bit too commonplace to excite most people.

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