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Conditions of use, policies etc

This page is intended to help clarify the purpose of this site and how it should be used.

Number one point is, I am not an expert. I do not claim to be an expert so please do not buy, sell or act in any other way based on the information on this site!
All my posts are written in good faith and to the best of my knowledge and if anyone knows better then please do contact me and correct me – I will be grateful for it!

Number two is, I have no agenda other than to hopefully educate some people, help them on their way to collecting coins more effectively and enjoyably and to contribute to numismatics in whatever ways I can. I certainly mean no offence in any reviews or posts I make so again, if you want to object to something or correct something, I will be happy to remove or edit the comment or information.

Number three is, I am writing this blog purely because I love what I do and I want to talk about it to like minded individuals, so I’d be delighted to hear from you.

Number four is really due to number three. I make absolutely zero money from this site – for example, I have no advertising on it, I make nothing from links to products and I’m not trying to sell you something so money won’t interfere with my advice or comments! If I ever do allow any advertising on this site, it will be adverts that I want on it because of the products they advertise¬† and it won’t affect my work.

Other things:

Links – I am happy to link to sites that are relevant and I in good conscience feel comfortable referring people to (I already do) but I cannot be accountable for content on linked sites as I have no control over it! If you want to add a link on your own site to mine then thank you!
Comments – I welcome comments! Suggestions, comments, corrections and information are all greatly appreciated but please don’t submit comments and links just to get your own site more publicity. I am not interested in any offers to improve my google ratings or any such thing so save yourself time and don’t bother offering your ‘services’. I will gladly include relevant links but I will not publish contrived comments for link building – so save yourselves some time and don’t bother!
Cookies – There is a cookie policy widget on the site because the EU have decided that there should be on European and British sites, not because there I am downloading anything dodgy to your computer!
Copyright – If you think I have used an image, content or anything else on the site which you think is copyrighted to yourself or someone else – I’m sorry, I don’t plagiarise or steal copyrighted work knowingly so please let me know and I’ll remove it. As for this site’s content, I do reserve ownership of material but if you want to use it on your own site for example, I am unlikely to deny it (and very likely to be delighted) so please just ask first.

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